Battle of Cold Harbor
(Thursday Color Bearer Tour)

Historians: Bobby Krick and Mike Andrus

Description: (Moderate Walking) This Color Bearer tour will spend Thursday morning concentrating on key places at the Cold Harbor battlefield, both preserved and unpreserved. Recently the Trust collaborated in the protection of 18 acres at Beulah Church. We will explore that newly accessible property and its many good resources. It also serves as a viewing platform to look out across the as-yet-unpreserved ground where the Union 18th Corps was shattered on June 3. The rest of the morning will be spent on private property, examining in some detail the scene of the brief Union breakthrough on the southern end of the battlefield. Total walking is approximately 1 3/4 miles.

Tour Stops: Beulah church, Cold Harbor Battlefield with an emphasis on Gaines’s Mill, and additional walking on private property that will not be included on the Friday and Saturday tours.

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