Why is Historical Fiction important as it is related to the Civil War?

Antonio Elmaleh
Thursday, 10:15 am – 11:00 am 

Description: Given that ‘historical’ (facts) seems to clash with ‘fiction’ (make believe), it is obligatory to research the history of a story so that the writer has a command of the world in which the story lives. Only through understanding and tracing the effects and implications these true events have on made-up characters can those events ‘come alive’. When a character does and says things that resonate so personally that they drop the reader right into the shoes of those characters, readers live through what the characters do, feel and say. That reader is entertained, has been moved and has also learned something about a world never known before, all at once.

The Civil War and Reconstruction are such rich and dramatic periods of our history, they demand our attention now more than ever. Weaving true events into dramatized stories is a powerful and direct way to connect a new generation of Americans to this penultimate part of our past. The inciting incident of my novel is inspired by one such true event.

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